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Welcome to Lagniappe Wellness Nutrition Coaching Services.  My name is Mindy, and I will be your Registered Dietitian and Coach. I am excited to guide you on your wellness journey by improving your relationship with food.  I will work with you to set realistic goals to help you be your best self through nutritional changes. My belief is there is not one right answer when it comes to nutrition, and I aim to guide you in choosing a “way of eating” individualized to your goals and your lifestyle.  I will provide coaching and education to help motivate you for success in your improved “way of eating”, while celebrating non-scale victories along the way!

Our Nutrition Coaching can help with:

  • weight management
  • improving energy
  • reducing food cravings
  • increasing focus and mental clarity
  • navigating through nutrition information and making healthy eating choices specific to your goals
  • developing a positive relationship with food
  • accountability for continuing your progress
  • meal planning and purposeful grocery shopping

Our Program:

  • one free* initial 30 minute consult to discuss your goals, pricing, session frequency, and answer questions about our coaching services
  • virtual coaching sessions
  • personalized eating plan
  • virtual access to education materials, food lists, meal plan ideas, grocery shopping tips, and more!
  • options for continued coaching to help maintain your lifestyle changes

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*Limit one free initial 30 minute consult per customer

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