Food for Thought: LWDI Blog

Welcome to “Food for Thought”, the Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Intern Blog. Here we will share current intern “spotlights” and posts written by our interns!

Intern Spotlight: Amanda

As a future RD, I strive to become actively involved and closely engaged with individuals in the community with a main goal of working towards improving the community’s overall health status. A piece of Lagniappe that I consider to be a main contributor to making me shine in the Dietetics world would be my unique […]

Intern Spotlight: Alison

Alison is completing the distance track in Denver, Colorado. Her background is in culinary arts and food science, and she is excited to turn her passion for food into a career as a registered dietitian. When she isn’t cooking, she spends her time playing rugby and enjoying all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. […]

Intern Spotlight: Faith

Intern Spotlight: Faith Here’s how Faith will add “a little something” extra to the Dietetics world:“As a dietitian, I hope to work with all ages and backgrounds, but I have a true passion for working with kids. I spread my lagniappe through my love of teaching kids’ nutrition and gymnastics. Children are the perfect candidates […]

Intern Spotlight: Virginia

Here’s how Virginia plans to add “something extra” to the Dietetics world:” ¡Hola! I am Virginia Pearson, a distance Lagniappe intern completing my rotations in St. Louis, Missouri. I love food, not only for its foundation to our overall health, but its complexity in our lives. Food is cultural, personal, and a great medium in […]

Intern Spotlight: Hourig

Here’s how Hourig will add “something extra” to the Dietetics world! “As a future RDN I want to make sure I advocate for my patients and make sure all their needs are met. My lagniappe or “a little something extra” I will bring to the world of dietetics will be my own personal cultural background. […]