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Welcome to “Food for Thought”, the Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Intern Blog. Here we will share current intern “spotlights” and posts written by our interns!

Diabetes Distress 

By: Dallas G., Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Intern Mornings spent fishing on the lake, afternoons spent tubing behind the boat, and evenings spent on the back porch of my grandparent’s house were the summers I looked forward to as a child. I knew that once I arrived in Texas Hill Country, I would be fed Grandma’s […]

The Insulin Crisis: A Deadly Consequence of Medical Price Gouging

By Hannah B., Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Intern Over 31% of people with diabetes are prescribed daily insulin injections The Humble Origin of Insulin In 1921, Canadian medical scientist and physician Fredrick Banting discovered what would be known as the most significant medical invention of all time (NATAP, n.d.). His breakthrough research would enable insulin to […]

Diabetes drugs for Obese Individuals  with Type 1 Diabetes

By: Ivette L., LW Dietetic Intern          When it comes to people with diabetes, folks assume all are type 2 and it is associated with old age and/or excess weight. While this observation is not wrong, it is quite far from the entire picture. There is actually more than one type of diabetes, but in […]

Tackling Celiac in the World of Someone with Type 1 Diabetes

By: Laura B., LWDI Intern Hello! My name is Laura B. In my free time, I enjoy riding on my brother’s boat, fishing, listening to music, walking 5ks with my mom, and spending time with my family including my dog Kelly.  I was diagnosed with T1D in April 2000 and wow has it been a […]

Effects of a Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diet on Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

By: Lydia Parker, LWDI Intern Effects of a Low Carbohydrate and Ketogenic Diet on Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity When I look up “what is the best diet to be on” on Google, there are numerous nutrition programs such as Noom, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers that are suggested. However, diets such as Atkins, DASH, and […]

LWDI Intern Spotlight: Hannah A.

Check out the AMAZING work Hannah has been doing during her Food Service Rotation.  Way to go, Hannah! The high school district I interned at hires a third party company, Chartwells, to handle a part of their food service operations. ‘Discovery Kitchen’ is something that Chartwells hosts throughout their schools. It was created to help […]

LWDI Alum, Maria, Passed the RD Exam!

💫 please join us in wishing a huge CONGRATULATIONS to LWDI alum, Maria, for passing the RD exam!! 💫 We are beyond proud to introduce Maria Arana, RDN to the world of Dietetics and we know she will do amazing things in her career!Way to go Maria!! 👏

LWDI Intern Spotlight: Ivette Receives Grant from Diversify Dietetics!

We are so excited to congratulate Ivette on receiving one of the 2021 Enlightened Grants from Diversify Dietetics to help support her during her Dietetic Internship! Diversify Dietetics works to increase the racial and ethnic diversity in the field of nutrition by empowering nutrition leaders of color. We are beyond proud to have Ivette in […]

LWDI Alum, Emily, Passed the RD exam!

We are wishing a huge CONGRATULATIONS to LWDI alum, Emily, for passing the RD exam!! ✨ We are beyond proud to introduce Emily Gerrets, RD to the world of dietetics where she will be working as a clinical Dietitian in a hospital where she did part of her internship.Way to go Emily!! 

LWDI Intern Spotlight: Taylor

What’s Taylor up to in her rotations? I just finished my community rotation at a grocery store chain that employs dietitians. While I was there, I helped promote healthful grocery items and sat in on phone calls and virtual consultations with clients. Currently, I am in my medical nutrition therapy rotation at a hospital nearby. […]

Intern Spotlight: Jessica interning with Hy-Vee

I am currently interning at Hy-Vee, which is a Midwest grocery store. I previously worked at Hy-Vee for four years as an assistant manager. My preceptors are dietitians that work for corporate. Some of the big projects I will be working on include hosting cooking classes via Zoom, 3 seminars for Drake University via Zoom, […]

Intern Spotlight: Kenzie

Here’s how LWDI intern and Tennessee Tech University grad, Kenzie, will add “something extra” to the dietetics world: “My background in personal training and working with clients has helped me prepare for incorporating fitness and nutrition together. I would like to show the community the benefits of not only nutrition, but fitness as well and […]

Intern Spotlight: Liat

Here’s how University of Tennessee grad, Liat, will add “something extra” to the Dietetics world! “Hello, my name is Liat Koenig and I am a dietetic intern at Lagniappe Wellness. I believe good nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle and can prevent many common illnesses. As a future Registered Dietitian, I would like to […]

Intern Spotlight: Emily

Here’s how Emily will add “something extra” to the dietetics world! “I’m Emily, an intern from New Orleans, Louisiana. Being from New Orleans, food surrounds everything we do and is an integral part of our culture. Something extra that I would be bringing to the table would be to show that eating a healthier diet […]

Intern Spotlight: Hourig

Here’s how Hourig will add “something extra” to the Dietetics world! “As a future RDN I want to make sure I advocate for my patients and make sure all their needs are met. My lagniappe or “a little something extra” I will bring to the world of dietetics will be my own personal cultural background. […]

Intern Spotlight: Virginia

Here’s how Virginia plans to add “something extra” to the Dietetics world:” ¡Hola! I am Virginia Pearson, a distance Lagniappe intern completing my rotations in St. Louis, Missouri. I love food, not only for its foundation to our overall health, but its complexity in our lives. Food is cultural, personal, and a great medium in […]

Intern Spotlight: Faith

Intern Spotlight: Faith Here’s how Faith will add “a little something” extra to the Dietetics world:“As a dietitian, I hope to work with all ages and backgrounds, but I have a true passion for working with kids. I spread my lagniappe through my love of teaching kids’ nutrition and gymnastics. Children are the perfect candidates […]

Intern Spotlight: Alison

Alison is completing the distance track in Denver, Colorado. Her background is in culinary arts and food science, and she is excited to turn her passion for food into a career as a registered dietitian. When she isn’t cooking, she spends her time playing rugby and enjoying all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. […]

Intern Spotlight: Amanda

As a future RD, I strive to become actively involved and closely engaged with individuals in the community with a main goal of working towards improving the community’s overall health status. A piece of Lagniappe that I consider to be a main contributor to making me shine in the Dietetics world would be my unique […]